Go With the Flow

As you know… one of the greatest mysteries/challenges on a boat involves charging batteries. If you like mysteries… you can move on to the next post. If on the other hand you would like to know how to fix things… you need […]

Something Fishy

We love our aluminum boat. If we EVER decide to buy a new boat… it will be aluminum too. There are so many benefits… but… as you know… everything on a boat is a compromise. The most important concern with an aluminum […]

An Affair of the Hearth

Loyalty is a highly respected trait… when it applies to humans. Apparently all bets are off when discussing loyal appliances. Q came with a reliable stove… but by the time we got to French Polynesia she was visibly ageing.  We met a younger one in a […]


Another one of those ridiculously good investments in safety and convenience. For less than $20 you too can have this amazing collection of metric o-rings… again from our friends at Amazon here. We have had this kit on board for one season […]

Floor Show

When we first came on board Q… there were units like this. We didn’t understand why. We assumed that they could be used to hold on to the hull while cleaning it. It wasn’t too long before we wanted to lift […]

Head Not Hands

We have… by conservative estimates… dozens of LED flashlights on board…but the one I use ALL the time is this headlight. I would NEVER leave home without one. Any headlight must: be light and comfortable have a red option start in […]

Soldering On

Connectors are quick but solder is forever. This used to be our favourite soldering iron. It heats up quickly… does a great job of soldering… and as bonus it has an outlet on the soldering tip that does a great job […]

Liquid Launch

There are several liquids that we find incredibly useful on board. Let me highlight our 3 favourites at the moment: T-9 is a fantastic treatment for metal that is (or is considering) rusting/corroding. It has saved us on so many occasions… and […]


When we read that the Iridium Pilot could use any POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Set). My gadget brain immediately thought that a wireless phone could be useful… perhaps with 2 handsets… and headsets. I was right. Not only can we wander […]

. . . _ _ _ . . .

We used to have a FindMeSpot which was great at the time… but the Delorme InReach unit we have now is a significant improvement. Here are the benefits: this unit uses the Iridium satellites so works EVERYWHERE we can send our […]