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Short Fuses

Q is a centreboard boat… which means we can raise the keel and rudder to draw less that 2 feet (.6 Meters). Full disclosure… we are carrying more weight in cruising mode and draw at least an additional 3 inches. The huge pluses […]

Scan Pickings

More often than you might imagine… it has been necessary while sailing to fill in and/or sign documents and scan / email them. Some countries like Fiji and Australia require visiting sailboats to fill in complex/long documents and send them in advance […]

It Sucks!

It would be a tough contest for the most valuable tool on board Q. This compact vacuum cleaner would certainly be very high on the list. Not sure we would want to spend a day onboard without one. The unit is used […]

That Shrinking Feeling

We love our Apple products… and we love sailing. These two things do not necessarily play well together. Apple products are not waterproof and we have all our iPhones and iPads in costly but IMHO essential cases. It is also our […]

The Sailing Blues

I am not proud of this… but I once lost our boat at night in a busy anchorage. Our solution was these great lights from Lumitec which we found at WestMarine. They are an easy install and dual colour… can be […]

Water Water Everywhere…

We did not have a Watermaker for our Caribbean sabbatical. We learned to take showers with little more than a litre of water. We had little issue surviving for weeks at a time on our tank of 450 litres. So we […]

I-Toys err… Tools

What can you do with an iPad? EVERYTHING!

To SSB… or Not

SSB was a decision that we had trouble with initially. I dutifully studied for my ham license (thank goodness they do not require morse code any longer). When it came to choosing a radio and installing it… I did my best to […]

Backup to Go Forward

There are many important systems on a boat… but there are few more important that an autopilot… especially on a short-handed cruising sailboat. Because of that… thanks to eBay… we have been able to purchase a duplicate of each component of […]

The Best Storage Solution EVER

We never throw out anything that could be useful. Hardware and marine stores are few and very far between while cruising… and everything on a boat breaks eventually. We used to spend inordinate amounts of time looking for stuff… until we […]