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The Colour Purple

Aside from being my favourite colour… purple seems to smell great. A very small quantity (less than a capful) SIGNIFICANTLY improves the smell in the head (that is the toilet… for you landlubbers). We originally found Fabuloso in Colombia and have since been able to […]

Clip Joint

If you have never lost laundry overboard… you probably can skip to the next entry. We on the other hand have lost many things in the past… but those times are over forever. We finally found the perfect clothes pins for […]

File of Facts

OK. I admit it… I am a man and hate reading manuals. Full truth be told… there are times when a manual is EXTREMELY useful. This is usually when something goes wrong and needs to fixed quickly. We make sure to […]

Oil and Water

We have an electric macerator toilet on Q. As if that wasn’t fancy enough… we use FRESH water to flush it! This WAS one of the first things I was going to fix. 7 years later… we are still using our precious […]

Spring Ahead… Fall Back

Froli Star is what these things are called and Q came with them under every bunk. We love them. They provide good support AND allow air circulation under that mattresses. Ours came from here.


Wander around any trade show and there is no shortage of hawkers trying to sell you over-priced knives and useless gadgets. Every once in a while we find something useful while walking around a trade show. This has to be one of […]

Cut Out the Middleman

Inverters are extremely useful to power devices that cannot be powered with 12v… however there is nothing more efficient than NOT converting 12v to 110v or 220v… then converting to 5v or whatever voltage your device requires. Sorry… that is a […]

Assault on Battery

Good batteries on board are so important. Even with solar panels, high output alternators, and wind/water generators… you still need a healthy house and motor bank of batteries. If you have standard batteries (not lithium)… one of the most important rules […]


There are few luxuries more appreciated on a sailboat than ice in your drinks. The biggest cost of cubes is not the freezer… it is the electricity to power the freezer. The next challenge is finding an ice cube tray that […]

Carry a Big Stick

We understand that cigarettes are the currency of exchange in prison (we have no personal experience with prison… but we suspect there are very few similarities with cruising). The currency of exchange on a sailboat is information. The medium of exchange is […]