Category: Safety

File of Facts

OK. I admit it… I am a man and hate reading manuals. Full truth be told… there are times when a manual is EXTREMELY useful. This is usually when something goes wrong and needs to fixed quickly. We make sure to […]

The Away Team

When cruising… your choice of dinghy and engine is one that will greatly influence your cruising experience. Just imagine you are travelling on the Starship Enterprise… without a transporter. Your shuttlecraft will determine every planet you can visit and everything you can and can’t […]

Reinventing the Wheel

We bought and installed QuickLine because we thought it would be great for stern anchors or stern ties. After 7 years we have yet to use it for that. On the other hand… it makes a fantastic Jack Line distributor… and that is what […]

Head Not Hands

We have… by conservative estimates… dozens of LED flashlights on board…but the one I use ALL the time is this headlight. I would NEVER leave home without one. Any headlight must: be light and comfortable have a red option start in […]

. . . _ _ _ . . .

We used to have a FindMeSpot which was great at the time… but the Delorme InReach unit we have now is a significant improvement. Here are the benefits: this unit uses the Iridium satellites so works EVERYWHERE we can send our […]

Size Matters

I suspect that if we had never visited the Annapolis Strictly Sailboat show our boat would float at least 2 inches higher. This was one of our more recent acquisitions. It is very hard to give you a real evaluation of […]

Visible Means of Support

Q came equipped with some great Lewmar products. Unfortunately the binnacle is NOT one of them. It is subject to a design error that Lewmar has admitted to on more than one occasion. It is just that they haven’t DONE anything about […]

Do Point

One of the most useful tools on board Q costs less than $20. It is FAR more accurate and useful than the MUCH more expensive marine instruments that we bought from Weems and Plath (but not made of brass). What does […]

Tool Time

If you like fixing things… and ‘projects’  there is no better place for you than on a boat. Of course newer boats usually have far fewer issues that need immediate attention. But no matter what size or age boat you are […]

No Fueling

If you travel enough it is not a question of IF you will ever get bad fuel… it is WHEN. And Murphy’s law will guarantee that your engine will fail at EXACTLY the wrong time… like just as you are entering […]