Category: Safety

Blue Water Rafting

Q came with a Plastimo Life Raft stored in a special compartment on the stern. In some sea conditions it got very wet there. We felt that the wet compartment was a better place for supplementary fuel and water tanks. When […]

Give Me a Brake

We found The Richard Gyb Easy a few years ago and installed it on Q. It is a great and simple Boom Brake that has functioned very well for us. Wouldn’t leave home without one.

… gets in your eyes

A smoke detector on board is AT LEAST as important as one at home. We have always had one… but the old one used to be very annoying. It would go off every time we made toast. Not a fun thing […]

12v 2 go

This is a very useful device. We use it often as a portable 12v supply and have used it to help start a friends boat when he ran down his start battery (scary predicament!). These are inexpensive and provide: portable 12v 110v […]

The Closer You Get

AIS is a significant innovation in navigation safety. If everyone used it… it would be even more useful. We decided to get a transceiver and were looking for 2 key features: we wanted to be able to turn off the transmitter […]


Q came with a very rudimentary bimini and dodger. It provided almost no protection from weather and seas. We often got soaked on passage… and it was ugly. We were able to reuse the stainless steel frame and had a new […]

Lazy Sheets

We originally chose to add electric winches for security. We now use them for convenience as well. We have gotten lazy. We installed 2 Harken 48 2-speed sheet winches several years ago. It makes it MUCH easier for Chantal to lift […]

We’re the Fucawee

We read recently that the US Navy has reinstated courses in celestial navigation in their curriculum. There is no question that we have been spoiled by the great power of GPS technology. What would happen if the GPS was turned off for some reason? […]

Better 2 C U

A good pair of binoculars is a key safety tool on board any vessel. We bought these several years ago and they have functioned perfectly for us. Last year… some of the rubber (the eye cups) started breaking down. We mentioned this […]

Good inVESTment

There is no question that wearing a life jacket is a good idea. On board Q we wear one whenever we leave the cabin on passage. We also have rules about when to have our tether attached. Rules are one thing… […]