Category: Gadgets

Straight Flush

There are many mysteries that make life more fun and interesting. The surprise of a full holding tank is NOT one of them. All the tanks on Q are made of aluminum (like everything else) so unlike plastic tanks… their contents […]

Take Cover!

Cleaning winches is NOT one of my favourite tasks. There are so many little parts to potentially lose! Looking for winch handles in the dark is not fun either. Bugs in the bedroom are certainly no fun. This elegant solution deals […]

Now You’re Cooking

OK… I’ll admit it… I am a carnevour. I do love fresh fruit and vegetables… but there are times when nothing tastes better than a piece of meat perfectly cooked on the BBQ. Of course this tiny MARINE BBQ is more […]

No Fueling

If you travel enough it is not a question of IF you will ever get bad fuel… it is WHEN. And Murphy’s law will guarantee that your engine will fail at EXACTLY the wrong time… like just as you are entering […]

Wheely Clever

Ok… we must admit that we thought about this purchase for a long time before we did it. Lewmar does not give away this wheel (or anything else for that matter). The reason we are including it here is because we […]

The Magic Bullet

There are some kitchen tools that you really don’t want to leave home without. Food processors and other similar large accessories might be good for a large vessel… but we needed a more compact solution for Q. An excellent solution is the […]

Scan Pickings

More often than you might imagine… it has been necessary while sailing to fill in and/or sign documents and scan / email them. Some countries like Fiji and Australia require visiting sailboats to fill in complex/long documents and send them in advance […]

It Sucks!

It would be a tough contest for the most valuable tool on board Q. This compact vacuum cleaner would certainly be very high on the list. Not sure we would want to spend a day onboard without one. The unit is used […]

That Shrinking Feeling

We love our Apple products… and we love sailing. These two things do not necessarily play well together. Apple products are not waterproof and we have all our iPhones and iPads in costly but IMHO essential cases. It is also our […]

The Sailing Blues

I am not proud of this… but I once lost our boat at night in a busy anchorage. Our solution was these great lights from Lumitec which we found at WestMarine. They are an easy install and dual colour… can be […]