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We’re the Fucawee

We read recently that the US Navy has reinstated courses in celestial navigation in their curriculum. There is no question that we have been spoiled by the great power of GPS technology. What would happen if the GPS was turned off for some reason? […]

Cut Out the Middleman

Inverters are extremely useful to power devices that cannot be powered with 12v… however there is nothing more efficient than NOT converting 12v to 110v or 220v… then converting to 5v or whatever voltage your device requires. Sorry… that is a […]

Carry a Big Stick

We understand that cigarettes are the currency of exchange in prison (we have no personal experience with prison… but we suspect there are very few similarities with cruising). The currency of exchange on a sailboat is information. The medium of exchange is […]

Media Madness

There are times on a sailboat when there isn’t much to do. Of course you can read books and there are certainly boat chores… but occasionally it is great to have the option of watching movies or TV. If you are […]

Cigars… Cigarettes?

IMHO the cigarette lighter plug is the worst connector ever invented… and it is even less reliable in a marine environment… BUT IT IS UBIQUITOUS. You can’t beat them here… so no real choice. We found this unit on Amazon.… and it […]

Power To The Peripherals

We have so many devices on board that are hungry for power. iPhones, iPads, BlueTooth speakers, USB batteries (for when we are away from the boat), watches, sex toys (just checking to see if you are paying attention). Fortunately most of […]


When we read that the Iridium Pilot could use any POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Set). My gadget brain immediately thought that a wireless phone could be useful… perhaps with 2 handsets… and headsets. I was right. Not only can we wander […]

. . . _ _ _ . . .

We used to have a FindMeSpot which was great at the time… but the Delorme InReach unit we have now is a significant improvement. Here are the benefits: this unit uses the Iridium satellites so works EVERYWHERE we can send our […]

Scan Pickings

More often than you might imagine… it has been necessary while sailing to fill in and/or sign documents and scan / email them. Some countries like Fiji and Australia require visiting sailboats to fill in complex/long documents and send them in advance […]

That Shrinking Feeling

We love our Apple products… and we love sailing. These two things do not necessarily play well together. Apple products are not waterproof and we have all our iPhones and iPads in costly but IMHO essential cases. It is also our […]