Category: Comfort

Do Point

One of the most useful tools on board Q costs less than $20. It is FAR more accurate and useful than the MUCH more expensive marine instruments that we bought from Weems and Plath (but not made of brass). What does […]

Mirror Mirror…

We don’t want you to think that we are narcissists… but from time to time it is useful to look at yourself. Apparently something the designers at Alubat did not understand. Adding a few mirrors to the bathroom, shower and clothes cupboards made […]

Pain in the Butt!

Q came with the standard issue Alubat torture helm seat… with no padding and pointy hardwood slats. Some sailors seem to seek out opportunities for discomfort. We try to avoid pain… so this was one of the first projects we tackled. […]

Wheely Clever

Ok… we must admit that we thought about this purchase for a long time before we did it. Lewmar does not give away this wheel (or anything else for that matter). The reason we are including it here is because we […]

The Magic Bullet

There are some kitchen tools that you really don’t want to leave home without. Food processors and other similar large accessories might be good for a large vessel… but we needed a more compact solution for Q. An excellent solution is the […]

It Sucks!

It would be a tough contest for the most valuable tool on board Q. This compact vacuum cleaner would certainly be very high on the list. Not sure we would want to spend a day onboard without one. The unit is used […]

Water Water Everywhere…

We did not have a Watermaker for our Caribbean sabbatical. We learned to take showers with little more than a litre of water. We had little issue surviving for weeks at a time on our tank of 450 litres. So we […]


OK… You may lose all respect for us now (if you had any before)… But we are fizzy water-aholics. San Pelegrino is our drug of choice… But we would sink the boat if we tried to stock up for a 6 […]

The Best Storage Solution EVER

We never throw out anything that could be useful. Hardware and marine stores are few and very far between while cruising… and everything on a boat breaks eventually. We used to spend inordinate amounts of time looking for stuff… until we […]

Paper or Plastic?

Most boats are really a very small space. You wouldn’t believe that however if you are desperately looking for something. We try not to use paper towels if there is another option… but sometimes paper is the only choice. For 6.5 years we were frequently […]