Category: Comfort

Oil and Water

We have an electric macerator toilet on Q. As if that wasn’t fancy enough… we use FRESH water to flush it! This WAS one of the first things I was going to fix. 7 years later… we are still using our precious […]

Spring Ahead… Fall Back

Froli Star is what these things are called and Q came with them under every bunk. We love them. They provide good support AND allow air circulation under that mattresses. Ours came from here.

What a relief!

Chantal and I are so fortunate… we rarely get seasick. I have been seasick twice in my life. Others are not as fortunate. This is an amazing solution that we have found that works for almost everyone. There are other solutions… […]


There are few luxuries more appreciated on a sailboat than ice in your drinks. The biggest cost of cubes is not the freezer… it is the electricity to power the freezer. The next challenge is finding an ice cube tray that […]

The Away Team

When cruising… your choice of dinghy and engine is one that will greatly influence your cruising experience. Just imagine you are travelling on the Starship Enterprise… without a transporter. Your shuttlecraft will determine every planet you can visit and everything you can and can’t […]

Making Lemonade

There has to be a bright side to a rainy day… and thanks to Chantal’s new creative rain catcher… there is. Right now we have been anchored for 4 days waiting for this annoying low pressure system to go away. Thanks […]

Sailing Fans

It would be hard to find a single more important accessory on board Q. We have at least one in every room. They draw very little current… and are almost ESSENTIAL to sleeping/surviving in tropical heat. Hands-down the most important contributor to […]

Garbage Home

As you are no doubt aware… space is a very precious commodity on a small boat. When we got Q… Chantal immediately found a better use for the space under the sink… as storage for pots and pans. For the next 7 years garbage wandered […]

The Cold Seat

Q came with a refrigerator but not a freezer. We toyed with several ways to install one and decided that we would try the least expensive and least invasive idea first. SO glad we did. This Waeco has served us very well […]

Visible Means of Support

Q came equipped with some great Lewmar products. Unfortunately the binnacle is NOT one of them. It is subject to a design error that Lewmar has admitted to on more than one occasion. It is just that they haven’t DONE anything about […]