Category: Comfort

Black Adder

EVERYTHING on Q is aluminum… including the water tank. We prefer to not drink from an aluminum tank. Instead we found an otherwise useless space to install a Plastimo PVC bladder with a separate hand pump. This tank can be filled directly from […]

The Blues

Bluetooth is a great way to send data over short distances. If your radio has a bluetooth receiver… it means that you can send music, podcasts and movie sound from your portable devices. If your audio devices have a bluetooth output… […]


Q came with a very rudimentary bimini and dodger. It provided almost no protection from weather and seas. We often got soaked on passage… and it was ugly. We were able to reuse the stainless steel frame and had a new […]

Plug Away

It would be hard to imagine not having an inverter. When we were originally equipping this boat… sine wave inverters were very costly… which is why we chose a square wave unit like this. It provides 1800 watts and powers everything we […]

In Hot Water Again

We originally bought these so that guests could better budget their water usage… but have since adopted them ourselves. If you fill them up and leave them in the sun during the day… they provide a warm shower at the end […]

Good inVESTment

There is no question that wearing a life jacket is a good idea. On board Q we wear one whenever we leave the cabin on passage. We also have rules about when to have our tether attached. Rules are one thing… […]

Hot Hot Hot

Even our new boat stove does not come with an oven thermometer. Neither does our BBQ for that matter. Problem solved. Found this on Amazon.

Athletic Cups

There are not too many things we are sure about… but we know that wine tastes better in glass wine glasses. Chantal made this wine glass cosy that has done a great job of protecting our wine glasses for years. So […]

Life in a Bubble

We love our vacuum sealer. We use it to store all kinds of food… nuts and dry food… meat for the freezer… and even cans for long term storage. You can accomplish some of these things with ziplock bags… but we don’t […]

The Colour Purple

Aside from being my favourite colour… purple seems to smell great. A very small quantity (less than a capful) SIGNIFICANTLY improves the smell in the head (that is the toilet… for you landlubbers). We originally found Fabuloso in Colombia and have since been able to […]