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Wheely Clever

Ok… we must admit that we thought about this purchase for a long time before we did it. Lewmar does not give away this wheel (or anything else for that matter). The reason we are including it here is because we […]

Short Fuses

Q is a centreboard boat… which means we can raise the keel and rudder to draw less that 2 feet (.6 Meters). Full disclosure… we are carrying more weight in cruising mode and draw at least an additional 3 inches. The huge pluses […]

The Sailing Blues

I am not proud of this… but I once lost our boat at night in a busy anchorage. Our solution was these great lights from Lumitec which we found at WestMarine. They are an easy install and dual colour… can be […]

That Sinking Feeling

Q is thankfully a very dry boat. Rarely do we find any water in the bilge. In fact Alubat was so confident that they did not provide an automatic bilge pump (you have to turn on a switch and choose port or stbd)… so […]

Backup to Go Forward

There are many important systems on a boat… but there are few more important that an autopilot… especially on a short-handed cruising sailboat. Because of that… thanks to eBay… we have been able to purchase a duplicate of each component of […]


Q has 2 alternators on our 55HP Volvo engine. One is 110 amps and one is 60 amps. We try to generate almost all our power needs with solar and wind. Given enough sun and wind we are self-sufficient in our […]

220? 110? 50cycles? 60cycles?

Q is a French boat that came equipped with 220v shore power. When we brought her back to North America we converted her to 110v. Now that we are back in the world of 220v we decided to convert her back. […]

Feeling Drained?

We learned early that if we were sailing on a port tack… closing the drain through-hull on the STBD side was a very prudent move… unless we WANTED to flood the boat. For 7 years Chantal would automatically close the STBD through-hull every time […]