Category: Alubat

Floor Show

When we first came on board Q… there were units like this. We didn’t understand why. We assumed that they could be used to hold on to the hull while cleaning it. It wasn’t too long before we wanted to lift […]

Garbage Home

As you are no doubt aware… space is a very precious commodity on a small boat. When we got Q… Chantal immediately found a better use for the space under the sink… as storage for pots and pans. For the next 7 years garbage wandered […]

The Cold Seat

Q came with a refrigerator but not a freezer. We toyed with several ways to install one and decided that we would try the least expensive and least invasive idea first. SO glad we did. This Waeco has served us very well […]

Visible Means of Support

Q came equipped with some great Lewmar products. Unfortunately the binnacle is NOT one of them. It is subject to a design error that Lewmar has admitted to on more than one occasion. It is just that they haven’t DONE anything about […]

Straight Flush

There are many mysteries that make life more fun and interesting. The surprise of a full holding tank is NOT one of them. All the tanks on Q are made of aluminum (like everything else) so unlike plastic tanks… their contents […]

Mirror Mirror…

We don’t want you to think that we are narcissists… but from time to time it is useful to look at yourself. Apparently something the designers at Alubat did not understand. Adding a few mirrors to the bathroom, shower and clothes cupboards made […]

Take Cover!

Cleaning winches is NOT one of my favourite tasks. There are so many little parts to potentially lose! Looking for winch handles in the dark is not fun either. Bugs in the bedroom are certainly no fun. This elegant solution deals […]

Tool Time

If you like fixing things… and ‘projects’  there is no better place for you than on a boat. Of course newer boats usually have far fewer issues that need immediate attention. But no matter what size or age boat you are […]

No Fueling

If you travel enough it is not a question of IF you will ever get bad fuel… it is WHEN. And Murphy’s law will guarantee that your engine will fail at EXACTLY the wrong time… like just as you are entering […]

Pain in the Butt!

Q came with the standard issue Alubat torture helm seat… with no padding and pointy hardwood slats. Some sailors seem to seek out opportunities for discomfort. We try to avoid pain… so this was one of the first projects we tackled. […]