Category: Alubat

Blue Water Rafting

Q came with a Plastimo Life Raft stored in a special compartment on the stern. In some sea conditions it got very wet there. We felt that the wet compartment was a better place for supplementary fuel and water tanks. When […]

It’s a Reach

We lost 2 reaching poles overboard before we found a good place to store them. We also found some velcro straps  to secure the poles in place. Not sure why it took us so long to figure out something so simple.

Give Me a Brake

We found The Richard Gyb Easy a few years ago and installed it on Q. It is a great and simple Boom Brake that has functioned very well for us. Wouldn’t leave home without one.

Black Adder

EVERYTHING on Q is aluminum… including the water tank. We prefer to not drink from an aluminum tank. Instead we found an otherwise useless space to install a Plastimo PVC bladder with a separate hand pump. This tank can be filled directly from […]

Switch Hit

We have added quite a few devices to Q. This Blue Sea Panel looked like the perfect way to feed power to all of them… with a fuse on each. Since we are an aluminum boat… we also like to be capable […]


Q came with a very rudimentary bimini and dodger. It provided almost no protection from weather and seas. We often got soaked on passage… and it was ugly. We were able to reuse the stainless steel frame and had a new […]

White Out

ALUBAT builds great boats… but no one is perfect. The refrigerator works well but it is not insulated well enough. After a few years… this resulted in moisture stains that darkened the wood veneer. We had 3 options: ignore it rebuild the ice-box hide the […]

Lazy Sheets

We originally chose to add electric winches for security. We now use them for convenience as well. We have gotten lazy. We installed 2 Harken 48 2-speed sheet winches several years ago. It makes it MUCH easier for Chantal to lift […]

The $2 Solution

One of the Q improvements we wanted to make from Day 1… was to change the wire stern gates into solid gates. The goal was to provide more support for the helmsman to hang onto. Both levels of gate were stainless wire (like […]

Spring Ahead… Fall Back

Froli Star is what these things are called and Q came with them under every bunk. We love them. They provide good support AND allow air circulation under that mattresses. Ours came from here.