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Assault on Battery

Good batteries on board are so important. Even with solar panels, high output alternators, and wind/water generators… you still need a healthy house and motor bank of batteries. If you have standard batteries (not lithium)… one of the most important rules […]

What a relief!

Chantal and I are so fortunate… we rarely get seasick. I have been seasick twice in my life. Others are not as fortunate. This is an amazing solution that we have found that works for almost everyone. There are other solutions… […]


There are few luxuries more appreciated on a sailboat than ice in your drinks. The biggest cost of cubes is not the freezer… it is the electricity to power the freezer. The next challenge is finding an ice cube tray that […]

Carry a Big Stick

We understand that cigarettes are the currency of exchange in prison (we have no personal experience with prison… but we suspect there are very few similarities with cruising). The currency of exchange on a sailboat is information. The medium of exchange is […]

Media Madness

There are times on a sailboat when there isn’t much to do. Of course you can read books and there are certainly boat chores… but occasionally it is great to have the option of watching movies or TV. If you are […]

Cigars… Cigarettes?

IMHO the cigarette lighter plug is the worst connector ever invented… and it is even less reliable in a marine environment… BUT IT IS UBIQUITOUS. You can’t beat them here… so no real choice. We found this unit on Amazon.… and it […]

Power To The Peripherals

We have so many devices on board that are hungry for power. iPhones, iPads, BlueTooth speakers, USB batteries (for when we are away from the boat), watches, sex toys (just checking to see if you are paying attention). Fortunately most of […]

The Away Team

When cruising… your choice of dinghy and engine is one that will greatly influence your cruising experience. Just imagine you are travelling on the Starship Enterprise… without a transporter. Your shuttlecraft will determine every planet you can visit and everything you can and can’t […]

Making Lemonade

There has to be a bright side to a rainy day… and thanks to Chantal’s new creative rain catcher… there is. Right now we have been anchored for 4 days waiting for this annoying low pressure system to go away. Thanks […]

Reinventing the Wheel

We bought and installed QuickLine because we thought it would be great for stern anchors or stern ties. After 7 years we have yet to use it for that. On the other hand… it makes a fantastic Jack Line distributor… and that is what […]