We read recently that the US Navy has reinstated courses in celestial navigation in their curriculum. There is no question that we have been spoiled by the great power of GPS technology. What would happen if the GPS was turned off for some reason? We understand that the US has the power to do exactly that.

I learned to sail before GPS was invented. We were taught to use coastal navigation when land was in sight… and Radio Direction Finders when near off shore.

For some reason shortwave radios with RDF features are no longer manufactured:-). We found ours this year on eBay. It is fun practicing with it. Hopefully we will never need to actually rely on it for navigating anywhere.


Posted by jameschantal

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  1. Hi James and Cantal.
    Nice website you have made with some good practical things.
    As alternative for the radio you also can use a sextant, but you needed than the sun and a calm boat!

    Have a good time in Canada and see you later,
    Paulien and René
    SY Bounty
    HR 46 – 89



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