Q came with a very rudimentary bimini and dodger. It provided almost no protection from weather and seas. We often got soaked on passage… and it was ugly.

We were able to reuse the stainless steel frame and had a new bimini and dodger made. The new one has:

  • grey vinyl construction
  • clear plastic panel between the bimini and dodger
  • clear side panels attached to the dodger
  • sun shades that zip onto the bimini
  • a ‘frown’ zippered opening in the dodger
  • pretty navy blue edge piping
  • holds 4 removable solar panels

This is a MUCH more comfortable solution… and it looks great too.


Posted by jameschantal


  1. Hi. Would you mind sharing tech drawings of the bimini and dodger, or some more photos? I’d like to have a similar one done for my Ovni 32. Thanks a lot!



    1. https://telecine.footage2go.com/?c=4090&k=0aad4f4839
      We hired a local canvas guy in Stuart Florida to build this. We used the existing structure and specified Stamoid. VERY happy with the results. We uploaded some photos for you at the above link. Hope yours turns out as well. Good luck.



      1. Got it, thanks!


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