There are times on a sailboat when there isn’t much to do. Of course you can read books and there are certainly boat chores… but occasionally it is great to have the option of watching movies or TV. If you are lucky enough to have friends with media collections… this is the perfect time to be really nice to them.

Our advice is buy some 2 or 3 terabyte USB3 drives (preferably shock/waterproof) and fill them up. The Hard Drives are also extremely useful for collecting video and photo material taken during your trip… and please don’t forget to BACK UP!

It is important to have a plan for watching the movies. We prefer NOT to use our laptop for these things. We feel better if the laptop stays in its waterproof bag as much of the time as possible. Our iPads have waterproof cases and are easy to connect to bluetooth speakers.


Posted by jameschantal

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