When we read that the Iridium Pilot could use any POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Set). My gadget brain immediately thought that a wireless phone could be useful… perhaps with 2 handsets… and headsets. I was right.

Not only can we wander around the boat talking on the phone (an old habit)… but now we can BOTH wander around the boat talking to EACH-OTHER. This has proved to be a huge bonus for times like when I am up the mast or Chantal is at the bow helping negotiate a complicated passage. Hands-free and full duplex (no push-to-talk).

I am sure there are other units that would be equally useful… but here are the links to what we purchased:

phone / headsets


Posted by jameschantal


  1. Hmm, I got the same Panasonic system (links to cell phone) at Costco 2 or 3 years ago with 5 handsets for about the same price. Not sure if they still have it.



  2. Is yours still working? The unit is EOL and costs under US$30 on Amazon now for 2 handsets. I am sure I paid more.



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