Q is a centreboard boat… which means we can raise the keel and rudder to draw less that 2 feet (.6 Meters). Full disclosure… we are carrying more weight in cruising mode and draw at least an additional 3 inches.

The huge pluses for us are that we can go almost anywhere (this is a real treat) and have a flat bottom so we can dry out on a beach at low tide (haven’t had the nerve to do this yet).  Of course this means there is one more system to maintain… the hydraulic pump and pistons that raise the keel and rudder. Whenever the keel or rudder strikes a hard object… a hydraulic fuse blows and we have to change it. Originally we had to buy these ridiculously expensive fuses from Alubat… until we found this simple tool.

Now we simply purchase .005 mil copper sheets from hobby stores and make our own fuses when we need them.. for pennies a piece. Of course now that we are NOT in the US Intercostal Waterway, Q hardly ever ‘sneezes’ (the sound blowing a hydraulic fuse makes).


Posted by jameschantal


  1. Hi
    Just wanting to clarify the sheet thickness, is it 0.5mm or 0.05mm.



    1. Thanks for catching that… .005 is what worked for us. We also tried brass… but copper was softer and tested better for us.



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