OK… I’ll admit it… I am a carnevour. I do love fresh fruit and vegetables… but there are times when nothing tastes better than a piece of meat perfectly cooked on the BBQ.

Of course this tiny MARINE BBQ is more expensive than a 12 burner BBQ the size of a small pickup truck… but it is STILL worth the money. We had debated whether to connect the BBQ to the onboard propane tank. Having a completely separate system proved an excellent decision when our propane regulator malfunctioned and we lost all our propane with 4 people onboard… 2 weeks away from civilization. We learned that you CAN make coffee and many other things on the BBQ (thank goodness). As a side benefit… it also keeps the heat outside the boat when cooking in the tropics.

We learned several things about the small green propane tanks:

  • they are available almost everywhere
  • their price varies between about US$5 and US$25 depending on where you buy them… so stock up where they are cheapest
  • you can refill them  in a pinch… although I am not sure this is recommended
  • they last a long time… ours last an average of 5-6 weeks each with moderate use

One note: It is very important to keep the BBQ clean by taking the unit apart from time to time. Our first one lasted only 3 years and was impossible to repair. Fingers crossed this one will last longer.


Posted by jameschantal

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