Month: July 2016

Free Power

Q came equipped with 2 x 50watt solar panels. Good start… but definitely nowhere near enough for all the power-hungry toys… err… tools we have added. We love our freezer, fridge, computers, i-devices, etc… but together these devices consume a considerable amount of power each […]


Q has 2 alternators on our 55HP Volvo engine. One is 110 amps and one is 60 amps. We try to generate almost all our power needs with solar and wind. Given enough sun and wind we are self-sufficient in our […]

2.5 D Printer

My friend Dave gave us a jar of Instamorph before we left telling us that it would be indispensable. I had never heard of IM before and wasn’t really sure what we were going to do with it. Dave was right… we […]

Bouquet of Light

OK… I have been (justifiably) accused of being obsessed with LED flashlights. They just keep getting better… more powerful… and cheaper. So why not have a good selection. We have: work lights head lights – MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE spot lights underwater […]


Hair seems to grow faster in the heat. Unless you have a larger boat and budget than we do and can bring along your personal hair stylist as crew… a small hair cutting kit like this one could come in very […]

220? 110? 50cycles? 60cycles?

Q is a French boat that came equipped with 220v shore power. When we brought her back to North America we converted her to 110v. Now that we are back in the world of 220v we decided to convert her back. […]

Another Angle

No boat is large enough for a human sized being to actually work on… ours is definitely no exception. One of the tools that we have found that makes it just a little bit easier is a 90 degree angle tool. This […]

Feeling Drained?

We learned early that if we were sailing on a port tack… closing the drain through-hull on the STBD side was a very prudent move… unless we WANTED to flood the boat. For 7 years Chantal would automatically close the STBD through-hull every time […]