We are so lucky to be cruising at a time when technology is so advanced. There are so many ways to keep in touch with the world now. In recent years… WiFi was the best option to get web access while cruising. Years ago people left their wireless routers unlocked and with the right equipment we were able to ‘borrow” a cup of internet in many places around the world. Soon WiFi became a service and profit-centre for many small businesses. As cell towers are getting built almost everywhere and cell companies compete for business with faster and more affordable data rates (exception is French Polynesia where nothing is cheap)… cell data is becoming a great option.

What that means is that we always travel with unlocked cell phones and tablets with 3/4G capability. You also have to have a way of keeping track of the numerous SIMs that you will accumulate… and get good at trimming full size SIMs into nano SIMs. You will also need to figure out how to navigate the different recharge methods of multiple providers… often in a foreign language. Another fun challenge:-)h

Here in Fiji we need to keep track of 4 SIMs to do voice and data on each of the two major Fiji cell networks. It know it works… because that is how we are posting this blog.

Posted by jameschantal

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