Q came equipped with 2 x 50watt solar panels. Good start… but definitely nowhere near enough for all the power-hungry toys… err… tools we have added.

We love our freezer, fridge, computers, i-devices, etc… but together these devices consume a considerable amount of power each day. As you can see… we have covered our bimini and arch with about as many panels as we can. We now have over 500watts of solar panels (this translates to about 20amps of 12v charge during the middle part of the day).


We have also installed 2 Air Breeze wind generators which start producing power when the wind reaches 8-10 knots. They start producing prodigious amount of power when the wind increases from there. Their biggest advantage is they work 24hours/day… when there is wind.

Our GOAL is never to have to burn fossil fuel for power… and on an average day at anchor… we don’t have to. In reality however… you can never really have enough solar panels.

Posted by jameschantal

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