IMG_3315Q has 2 alternators on our 55HP Volvo engine. One is 110 amps and one is 60 amps.

We try to generate almost all our power needs with solar and wind. Given enough sun and wind we are self-sufficient in our power requirements. But sometimes we have a deficit an need to run the engine for additional power. We tried several tricks to maximize the output amperage when we do this… but none was as effective (or as expensive) as this solution.

We installed Balmar external regulators on both alternators. Before we did this we would typically have a maximum of 70 amps output going into our battery banks. Now when we start the engine to charge the batteries it starts charging at 120 amps… and we have much more control… including temperature sensors to insure there is no damage to the alternators or batteries.

Posted by jameschantal


  1. Where did you fit the regulators?



    1. The battery switch and regulators are installed in the port cabin on the panel that is the directly behind the engine. The regulators were pricy but put more power in the batteries faster.



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