My friend Dave gave us a jar of Instamorph before we left telling us that it would be indispensable. I had never heard of IM before and wasn’t really sure what we were going to do with it. Dave was right… we have found MANY uses for it… and now consider it invaluable.

  • need a dead-man switch on the dinghy engine?
  • or a tool to install the solar panels on the bimini?
  • or special washers to remount the toilet?
  • or a bracket to mount the oars on the dinghy?
  • how about angle brackets for the fridge divider?

OK… so none of my examples will win any design awards but I am getting better the more I practice.

Super easy. All you have to do is put some beads of IM into warm water and then shape it into whatever you need. You can rewarm it as many times as you want… drill it… file it… cut it till it looks more or less like what you are looking for.

Thanks Dave.



Posted by jameschantal

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